• C&H Scapegoats

    The misadventures of a hobby farmher

  • C&H Scapegoats is a small hobby farm in the middle of the woods in rural Oregon. We raise Alpine Dairy Goats, Lowline cross cows, chickens, feeder pigs, and the usual mix of giants dogs and stubby tailed cats!

    Meet the farmher - C.Bell

    Doing my best to raise it, grow it, make it, and can it while swearing like a sailor and drinking way too much coffee and trying not to fall over my littles or give my Better Half a nervous breakdown!

    MiniMe, LittleMan, and WeeOne - the littles

    Mr.Man - the Better Half

    PollyWog - The Brother in Law and our only neighbor

    Meet the cows

    Eleanore and Luna are considered classic size cows, not quite mini but far from full size! Luna is Aberdeen/Mini Hereford and Eleanore is Aberdeen/Mini Belted Galloway. Eleanore is unflappable! Seriously, the calmest bovine I've ever met! Both are halter trained and very easy to handle.

    We halter break all our calves. They are trained to lead, stand tied, get bathed and blow dried, as well as get in the trailer. They are handled by the littles, exposed to chaos like racing tricycles, wagons, and bikes, barking dogs and bouncing goats! This makes for calm and manageable cows!

    Meet the goats!

    The Main Milkers: Venus, Stubborn, and Tasha

    Coming Milkers: Dinah, Beth, Clarisse, Annabeth, and Lavender

    They are all Alpines and pretty awesome!

    The Market Does: Penelope, Olive, Sage, Cinnamon, Petunia, and Zinnia.

    The Bucks: Grover, our Alpine buck and Napoleon, a Myotonic buck we cross over the market does

    The goats are my favorites and they know it!

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